Saturday, November 13, 2010

Question to Jens

This is a post to Jens.. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday To Me. No Hats, No Blocks, Just Me.

                              Yesterday was my my new Heart Birthday.  
                                        Happy new body Heart. 
 Here it is open with a chicken heart in it.  The Chicken Heart is for U Know WHO.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hat Fashion Show

 The Millinery Guild of Southern California

Project Runway Contestant Mondo Guerra to headlineThe Millinery Guild’s Spring 2011 Fashion Show “Hollywood Legacy” sponsored by Subaru

Contact: Colleen Stanton, Austin Gray

LOS ANGELES, CA/September 14, 2010.  On October 15, 2010 The Millinery Guild of Southern California will present their Spring 2011 millinery collections titled “Hollywood Legacy” in conjunction with LA’s Fashion Week. The event will take place in the Millennium Biltmore’s Crystal Ballroom, site of the 1942 Oscars, starting at 7:00 PM.

“Hollywood Legacy” will feature members of the guild including Mondo Guerra who is a current contestant on Project Runway. In addition to the Millinery Guilds members showing will include established Millinery designers Anita Hopkins, Louise Green, Ignatius Creegan, Rehn Dudugkian and up and coming designer Gladys Tamez. In addition, a tribute is planned for Mrs.Eloise King – a master milliner who has been teaching designers the art of Couture Millinery for over 40 years in and around Los Angeles. She is also a valued teacher within the Los Angeles School District.

There will be a Silent Auction of Designer Gold Jewelry Piece by Antonella Pellegrini to support The Diva Foundation.  

The Millinery Guild of Southern California ( was founded in January of 2010 by S. "Montez" Murphy, who has designed hats for 20 years. The mission of the guild is to foster interest in hats, millinery and hat wearing. This is achieved through lectures, instructional workshops and a variety of classes in all aspects of traditional and contemporary millinery. The guild also sponsors charity events, sales and demonstrations that enable our members to enhance their skills and share their expertise through public sales and exhibits.

The Millinery Guild is proud to have Subaru as the presenting sponsor for this season’s show.  Subaru has a commitment to fostering strong relationships with local communities by recognizing non-profit organizations working to better their communities. The guild is honored to have Subaru as a partner as we look forward to featuring the 2011 Legacy during the show. The Legacy holds the highest crash test rating from the NHTSA (five out of five stars). 

Reservations are required at There will be a Cash Bar. Parking is available at the hotel or across the street at Pershing Square


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Two Is Better Than One and News Flash! Project Runway

Freshly Carved                 Original

 The quest is over looking for a block maker. Check it, It's true, there is a person that's not a block maker by profession that can carve and make BEAUTIFUL blocks and does them perfectly. Amazed? I am. Genius or artist? Both apply.  If you want info about him.. email
If any of you have been wondering who Armando is NEWS FLASH   
I've known Mondo since he was a wee teen.  Now he is a wee Designer Extraordinaire.  OH!  There's that word again.. DEAL.  PS  The "Y" is Spanish for "and or plus" not the middle initial of Armando y Montez.  Just to clarify that.  Anyway watch "Project Runway"  on the Lifetime Channel..PSSS  He doesn't have anything to do with this blog. That is an other long story.

Friday, February 19, 2010


           The Re-Did    
           The Did Here