Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Figure 8 Easy 2* & My Beautiful Poupée

She's cute OK.
This is my beautiful poupée! I haven't named her yet.  Cristina de Prada who writes the fantastic blog "The Rantings of a Mad Hatter Wannabe" sent her to me along with her brother Joaquin. I love both of them!! What a treat a beautiful poupée and a dude with swag. Who could ask for more? Oh yeah, I could ask for more.. Cristina and Peter here too. Luv!!!

Here's how to make a fast and simple Figure 8 clamp style hat.  The Photos are what they are I used my iPhone. 

List of supplies: 
32" of spring wire,  1 wire joiner,  32 1/2" of  Fabric Tubing ( or I made felt tubing from a felt rounding),  Trim.

I measured 32"spring wire and attached the joiner on one end

I sewed a tube from an old felt rounding using the guide.

The wire was threaded through the felt tubing. The wire was joined with the joiner and the ends sewn together. 
Twist the round covered wire into an 8 shape. It will make a clicking noise. Pin where you want the Hinge to the clamp to be.

Sew the connection together

I added a 1 1/2"x 1" piece of felt to cover the connection
Bad Photo..Deal
Finished and........
clamped on my Beautiful Poupée

I trimmed it with a vintage berry vine

Yeah, She's Cute.