Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Argus Schmargus Bring on the Curls

I finally got the nerve to curl one of the Argus Feathers.  I experimented on the most chewed one.  I couldn't get the splits in the flues back together so instead I pinched the spine between my thumb nail and index finger on the under side until it gave way.  I did this pinching about every 1/8 inch.  I could have used my Palette Knife that I use to curl feathers but, I felt I had a little more control doing without the knife.  After all I have been known to ruin a good feather.

Heady Little Things

                  I don't know how to describe these. Not really.  The middle one is a Milliner friends find.
                      She suggested turning it into a 40's Turban.  I can see it draped in silk chiffon.

                      Any suggestions??


Take Two...... Black and Blue Pills

This is the Re-Deux of the Green Pills in Felt.. The Mannequin looks like she has Orphan Annie eyes..