Friday, October 31, 2008

PincushionTree, Feather Hair Dids and Beaded Felt Beads

I made this Pincushion Tree when I was recuperating from a really long illness 2006.. These are individual cushions made on golf tee's that fit in the hole of a spool of thread. I stuck them into a Styrofoam ball and stuck that hot mess onto a hat spinner. Someday I'll make something else to pose it on. The Feather Dids are from 2003 I sold these in a cute shop in PDX called Dragon Lilly.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yeux Ojos Occhi Ogen Googly Eyes

This is my take on a Hypnotic Eye Hat. I met a super Gal in Portland Oregon 2002 that makes, yeah you guessed it, Prosthetic Eyes!! Rena H is amazing to say the least and looks (no pun intended) at eye making as a Yawn Job. What? Is she nutty or what? I see Artistes Par Excellent. She's given me a bakers dozen + of the precious little googly things over the years. I'm a really lucky gal when it comes to meeting peeps I see eye to eye with.
I made the Giant Fake Mannequin Glass Eye Hat 2002 or 03, for a Millinery Supply House. I was told it got into a newspaper article but as I recall I didn't get credit for it, so I'll give credit to myself. There you go self. Here's looking at me.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


These pictures do not do this hat justice, sorry about the lighting. That's my excuse for me taking crummy photos and I'm sticking to it. Ignatius Creegan made me this hat and it's my most favorite hat ever. Ignatius is a supernova on a Millinery Machine what a guy! He sews straw braid that's 1/4" wide into the most fantastic shapes. If every person in the world owned and wore an Ignatius Creegan and Rod Givens Hat there would be no wars!! We'd all be too busy admiring our reflections and each other. Word.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shibori Who? What? You Mean Tie Dye? Whatever, GrassHopper

I did some shibori or tie dye, whatever term shakes your berries and twigs. I first made the hoods out of merino wool batts that I did on my Patrick Green SuperCarder. Then I felted them using the "Hat on the Ball" method invented by the renowned felt artist "Beth Beede". HAZAH BETH! I dyed them using the method that Chad Alice Hagen developed, if you have the chance to take a class from the Hagen don't pass it up. She is a hot mess of fun! But, Surprise! couldn't sell one Shibori Hat in Denver Colorado 1997. I was Shi-Buried... I noticed after I did this weird sale that there were people running around with tie dyed bucket hats made out of cotton duck. It looked liked Micheal's did a "Tie and Dye" workshop close by. Foiled again! I did manage to sell all the blue and white ones someplace at another time, I just don't remember who? where? what!. The first picture has the red/black/white hood turned inside out so If you were thinking I was redundant in photo placement, No.. in everything else, Yes.. The flowers are all made out of the left over roundings from felt I make. See I told you redundant. I'll get around to reblocking the hoods someday.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Portland Fashion Show 2003

These photos were taken by Portland Photographer Dwon Guvenir that I purchased September 2003 for a Fashion Show at the Portland Museum with the now extinct and defunct PDX Fashion Incubator. The Toppers were
made out of Parisisal Hoods for that show.
One of my "Feather Dids" was used for the flier. The shaped and lacquered feathers Cocktail Beanie was paying homage to Miro'. The second to last photo shows one of my Pig Tail Dids, Animae girls loved them and so did some of the designers. The other is a paper twisted toyo Newsboy.. I was paired up with a Bathing suit designer? That question mark is intentional and "that" was Portland for you.. "That" I wasn't in control of.. Life went on.. And so did some of the hats to other fashion shows not made by me, but other people that were given pix and possibly saw the show.. La Vida Continua.

Herring Bone Felt Topper

These Blocks are from the 40's, I've accumulated a lot of 40's blocks some are pretty nutty to say the least.. I hope to block on all of my crazy blocks and have pictures up sooner or later.
I found these blocks at Jeffery's HUGE Antique Mall in Findley Ohio around 15 years ago. We lived in Ann Arbor MI at the time 1993-1998 and I spent a lot of my time taking Fiberart classes, mostly felt making classes and dyeing classes, antiquing and scouring thiftshops. I used these blocks for a fashion show in Portland Oregon 2003 except in straw I'll post those pictures later.

Crazy 1940's Beret Block

Beret Umh K? I bought this block a few months ago off eBay. It was pretty tricky to block and the headsize ribbon was wrestling match. The Bird Nest Feathers I made from instructions from a Hat Map from How2Hats "Fantastic Feathers" I won this set of Instructions a year or so ago, Lucky Me!! Lots of good info from this company and they're super nice too. I dyed the feathers with silk dyes from Jacquard I had laying around they worked beautifully.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Hair Did

Here's the "Hair Did".
I made this 2004 to cover my chemo bald head. I entered it and a couple of other hats in a contest. All I got for that was a "Sorry" email and not even a "Try Again Next Time"! Oh well.. No Time To Split Hairs---Dids.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just Hi!

This is just Hi for now....... We'll be back with a Hat a Day soon....

Kisses N'Stuff