Monday, October 27, 2008

Portland Fashion Show 2003

These photos were taken by Portland Photographer Dwon Guvenir that I purchased September 2003 for a Fashion Show at the Portland Museum with the now extinct and defunct PDX Fashion Incubator. The Toppers were
made out of Parisisal Hoods for that show.
One of my "Feather Dids" was used for the flier. The shaped and lacquered feathers Cocktail Beanie was paying homage to Miro'. The second to last photo shows one of my Pig Tail Dids, Animae girls loved them and so did some of the designers. The other is a paper twisted toyo Newsboy.. I was paired up with a Bathing suit designer? That question mark is intentional and "that" was Portland for you.. "That" I wasn't in control of.. Life went on.. And so did some of the hats to other fashion shows not made by me, but other people that were given pix and possibly saw the show.. La Vida Continua.

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