Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shibori Who? What? You Mean Tie Dye? Whatever, GrassHopper

I did some shibori or tie dye, whatever term shakes your berries and twigs. I first made the hoods out of merino wool batts that I did on my Patrick Green SuperCarder. Then I felted them using the "Hat on the Ball" method invented by the renowned felt artist "Beth Beede". HAZAH BETH! I dyed them using the method that Chad Alice Hagen developed, if you have the chance to take a class from the Hagen don't pass it up. She is a hot mess of fun! But, Surprise! couldn't sell one Shibori Hat in Denver Colorado 1997. I was Shi-Buried... I noticed after I did this weird sale that there were people running around with tie dyed bucket hats made out of cotton duck. It looked liked Micheal's did a "Tie and Dye" workshop close by. Foiled again! I did manage to sell all the blue and white ones someplace at another time, I just don't remember who? where? what!. The first picture has the red/black/white hood turned inside out so If you were thinking I was redundant in photo placement, No.. in everything else, Yes.. The flowers are all made out of the left over roundings from felt I make. See I told you redundant. I'll get around to reblocking the hoods someday.


Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

Your talent is amazing.
You made your own hoods?! And the shibori/tie die is superb... and the flowers... just too much.
You're good!

Armando y Montez said...

Gee Whiz! This particular method of felt making has been around since the early 80's. Pleases send me your your address and I'll send you sites and where there are tutorials..

shelley ponce said...

Love the title to this post.