Friday, March 18, 2011

Argus Eyes and Swords

I'm back curling and doing unnatural things to Feathers.  This time... Peacock.  Eyes and Swords. Curled, heated, bent, squeezed, smashed.. Its starting to sound like a Steinbeck Novel. 

I bought them like this

Curled Swords

Trimmed Eyes + Curled Swords

1.I stripped all the barb feathers from the vein.

2. Straighten out the eye a bit and hit it flat with the iron for a second or two. Watch it, they burn pretty fierce and fast.
3. I trim the eye. just because I like to.

4 Hit it with the iron again.  It's ready


                                                                The Swords
1 Clean up the all ready stripped side of all the straggly barbs

2 Be careful when you do it by hand, scissors come in handy for this part.

3 Ready

4 Hold the feather with your left hand and use the knife along the vein just like curling ribbon for gift wrapping

5 Curl until you get the right curl for you

6 All curled up

7 Hit it with the iron. Wrap them with some floral tape. Done