Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two Crowns One Brim Fedoras + Turbans

Two Fedoras for Ozzie,  My favorite Hats from a fashion show and a commission of 3 Turbans for "Hats By Leko".. My most excellent friend Cristina de Prada ( you know her as The Rantings of a  Madhatter Wannabe) and Nina Palowsky (Milliner Extraordinaire) in Barcelona are having the annual Passejada amb barret 2011
B There or B Square

Brown Fedora

Black Fedora

The Blocks 

My Hands Turban
Do I need to Explain?
Fringe Flower 
Crazy Turban
Big Knot Turban

Not Much to say about these other than I had fun making all of them..


Grade "A" Fancy said...

Gorgeous! I am trying to reach my hands into the computer.

Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

Wooow!!! I love your hats, I love to see them and I have to say THANK YOU for sharing them with us.
The high crowned fedoras are wonderful... you gotta love a high crown, I know I do! And then the hands turban is so much fun and elegant at the same time. And the mouth, wonderful! I love to see it in close up.

You are a wonderful milliner!!

Love from Barcelona,


Marybelle said...

You are brilliant! Simply beautiful :)

Carmen Aguadero said...

El sombrero fedora negro es maravilloso,superelegante.

Soulgoose said...

Wow, these are amazing, so original and brilliant. The hands! I love the hands!

I would love to feature you on my blog one day, I love original millinery. Let me know if you are keen


Armando y Montez said...

Thanks Everybody! I Blush!

Armando y Montez said...

To I Smell A Hat.... I'd be honored. Thanks for the props..

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Thank you for your kind words!
I treasure your stylish designs and cherish that you project wit via millinery expression!