Wednesday, December 17, 2008

40's Surreal-ish

This block is really insane and I made it more so by blocking it in one of "those" wool felts. It's the one that I worked for days on.. Needless to say it was hard. It reminds me of a barnacle. If I block it again, I'll do it in a straw or in a velour that I'll drape with satin into a Turban. The veiling was a flesh tone, I dyed it black and in the process I tore 3 holes in it. I don't like to dye veiling.
I call it surreal, it is isn't it? Or it isn't is it?


Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

I will have to see the block and the hat in person to begin to understand it, the block looks so complicated!

Now. What did I tell you?
No more wool felts for complicated blocks! Are you a masochist?!

I believe it was Jill who had a tip of using superglue to repair veil, but I have never tried.

Nina bastes the edges of the veil into a piece of cotton cloth before washing or dyeing or processing veil in anyway. That way she can bring it back to its original shape. I simply would not dare to do anything to veil, it breaks by just looking at it!

Armando y Montez said...

Yes I believe I am a masochist! I feel so compelled to use those wools up and the challenge is so great... Yes I am a Masochist!! Super glue! Brilliant! Nina-veil Genius! I will do that next time.. I'll take a picture of this weird hat on my new mannequin she has a human sized head and post..

Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

Been looking at this again... Am I going nuts, or there are two different blocks/hats in the post? It's the same felt, but it's two different hats?
Possibly it's just me losing it...

Armando y Montez said...

Same Block, Same Hat, Different Mannequins. I took the veiling off in the first couple of pictures to get a better view of what a weird block/hat it is. The hat doesn't look like it came off the block in person either! When I took it off and put it on the poupee I had to give it a real good once over before I could decide who what and where? I finally twisted it 1/4 turn to the left then it made sense... kinda.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Jill here: Don't use super glue for veil repairs! YIPES! It turns cloudy and is just a mess.

Use a crystal clear glue, the kind that comes in a squeeze bottle, and just put the tip of a needle or pin in the glue, then touch both ends of the broken veil spot. Touch those ends together and hold together with a needle tip until the ends hold together.

This is the same technique to use to add micro rhinestones or beads to veils as well, although I'd only do that if I knew the veil was strong enough to hold up with the added feature. LOVE the new Russian veiling with mini pompoms or kid leather cut outs for "beauty mark" fun.

I remember reading that to add strength to a veil you could iron it between wax paper...but have not tried that to see if it actually makes it better or even more fragile.

SO glad I noticed that Cristina had listed your blog. Hurray...we NEED more millinery blogs. And eventually a "Hat Block Buying Anonomous" chapter too..

Armando y Montez said...

Jill, Thanks loads for the veiling repair tip. I will try it out soon I am anticipating more holey veiling in the future.
I your blog? I dig it!!