Monday, January 12, 2009

Hounds Tooth Hula Hopper Beret ..Hey

Another Beret ..Hey.

I think it's from the 40's but I could be wrong.

I bought the feather Butterflies from Micheals Craft Store. They look like the ones Philip Treacy used a while ago. I doubt they are the same these are very reasonable in price.

I was going to try the vintage glass cherries I've been hoarding somewhere on it but I think I stacked it up with enough stuff "don't ya think?" Uhm K? So I'll save the yummy little bits for another hat..


Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

Good to see you blogging again!

You've done a super job with this beret, and I'm always amazed at your talent in creating trimmings with the leftover felt, those flowers are wonderful.

About the butterflies, they are the same ones that Princess Beatrice wore on a wedding, check this link:

I believe it was made by Philip Treacy, and another wonderful butterfly creation by Treacy for Alexander McQueen seems also to be made using the very same butterflies, but I suspect that they are bigger in size.

Keep up the good work! I always await eagerly your new creations!

Armando y Montez said...

Heck I'm glad I bought a load of those butterflies. I did buy a few larger ones they're orange just like the Monarch butterfly we see here in California. I was hoarding those too. 'Gotta' stop that! Thanks for all the info and comments Cristina you're the best!

lolosita said...

i want this hat!! i love it!! i miss you, poodle.

Hats By Lola said...

Your Hula Hopper is unique. You are so talented.

Hats By Lola said...

You are an awesome designer. Your Hula Hopper hat is unique, I like

Armando y Montez said...

Thank You Lola! I have a tear!! You are so inspirational. We need to see more of you sewing that Straw Braid and the Hats you come up with! Talk about talent + 40+ years of making hats! WOW!

lolosita said...

Yes!!! It's mine... all mine! And I'm going to a ball at the end of the month... we're going to be the House of Drankalicious. Those queens will be jealous of my beret! Love YOU!!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Dang...that hat rocks!