Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mad Cap Schiap

Three of these blocks look like they're 1930's Schiaparelli inspired. It's hard to see the hats themselves, of course I had to do it in black wool and I took pictures at night. . At any rate they're cute. They look like "not knitted" Mad Caps.
I'll trim the caps un-Schiaparelli like and repost.. The fourth block is a 1950's half hat, it looks more like a beret. That one was a little fussy I'll redo that one in velour and wire the edge next time.


The Hatdiva said...

I love the one on the should open an Etsy shop!

Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

Those hats and their blocks look wonderful, but I long for better pictures!

Kelly said...

Oh Sigh! What lovely little toppers! Painfully adorable! The Hatdiva is right! An Etsy shop is in order :-) I will happily be your first customer!