Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gone Batt-y

Today I decided to finish off a project I promised to my friend Jic. These are, sort of, the first steps to hand making felt hoods sans shearing the sheep or taking care of them . I finally carded the wool I dyed and picked into nice fluffy batts. Whew. 2 pounds worth
I dyed and picked the wool a few weeks ago so now that he's out of town I've finished the project! I'm sure he'll be glad to know. Now that he won't be home to use them..

I was asked to post the inside and the back of the Crazy 40's Beret check it out Updated Photos Cristina!..

The shoes are something I'm plotting out. This will be the second round with this idea. The brown shoe was my Moms, She had teeny feet size 2 children. The black shoe is mine and just to show how small her foot was I'm a size 6. My shoe looks like Big Foot or the Yetti's slipper compared. I'll be posting what I did with it in a couple of days..

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