Monday, November 17, 2008

Turbo Turban

This Hat looks like a Sea Shell, a Turbo Argyrostomus, that's what I found when I googled sea shell, sans the snail. I used a printed wool felt hood, next I'm going to block it with fur felt, You are right Cristina! Wool felt, complicated block? International Sign For NO insert here. The last photos are of what I did with the rest of the capeline I used for the Cocktail Hat with Quills. I used my old hand crank pinking machine. I love a good old machine with a hand crank.


The Hatdiva said...

That's really neat! The block is a work of art. The pinky-cranky machine is a nice treat to see. I love that you're blogging!

Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

What a beautiful turban. The block itself is like a sculpture, and the resulting hat looks spectacular...

How on earth did you manage to use wool felt on that and survive? I think it's a testimony to your hability blocking (and unblocking for that matter).

Your crank pinking machine looks like lots of fun... they don't make'em like that any more!

And about the flower hat... how do you manage to make it look so beautiful and even? I think if I had to guess I would say that you cut the petals (by hand?!) leaving them attached at the base and then curl it up... but still... the patience and artistry to do that... really beautiful.

You're good!

Armando y Montez said...

Thank You! I'm still blushing..
This is one of my favorites, blocking a wool hood on was insane. I'll do a fur felt next! You're right on the money on how to make the flower. They can be made any size. Thanks for the compliments.

Armando y Montez said...

Thanks HatDiva! The pinky-cranky machine is super. I have 2 others and one that hooks up to an old singer sewing machine. I found them in Michigan and Denver. The one that hooks up to the machine was from a friends resale shop in Ann Arbor MI. from Joyce Tinkham. Shout Out Joyce!
I'm digging on Blogging! Thanks for the push!

lolosita said...

yay poodle! i love to see your work online!! from eyeballs to hairdids, to me getting jealous over the amazing blocks you have in your possession. much love from the bronx. check out my teaching blog, too!

lubbin stupp,

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Jeepers. You are fearless. Or crazy. Or possibly both. Wool felt on THAT block???